Construction & Refurbishment

Details of a hotel building should always score! From the tiniest detail to the larger than life ornaments, furniture arrangements and attractive decos should echo comfort, care and security. When we are undertaking Hotel Building refurbishment projects, we keep in mind their surroundings, their brand image and how best to engage the clients to relish in their exquisite accommodation offerings.

Under the Construction and Refurbishment line of JNC, we mainly focus on Sri Lankan Expatriates who are expecting to construct or re-furbish their personal or commercial dwellings in Sri Lanka. After we take in all their requirementsat the discussion level, we will submit the demonstration of the property to be constructed or refurbished by a 3D model. Our experienced and skilled teams of 3D exterior designers are capable of crafting photo realistic 3D images of your buildings as per your specifications. By our 3D representation you will be able to visualise how your dream dwelling will react to the sunlight, artificial light and shadows. We will be facilitating 3D modelling for the following projects;

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings