The space where you spend most of your time should be one of relaxing, pleasing and one of total comforts. Thus by approaching us as your interior designing contractor, we will consult you with the best interior solutions, addressing your entire commercial and residential interior requirements.
Following are some of the partitioning solutions we provide which specialises in various customer requirements.

Fabric Partitions

Fabric partitions are pragmatic when you are dividing up the work place. It’s an appropriate way to give a professional touch to your work place. Either a wood or metal frame outlines a highly durable material to make the fabric partition. It’s an economical way of managing space more effectively.


Drywall Partitioning is another ideal solution in order to set limits to work areas. Made out of Gypsum board or timber, this convenient solution will appear as a natural brick wall blending with the environment.


We use toughened or tempered glasses for all the Glass partitioning projects we undertake. Due to its increased strength compared to normal glasses, we ensure the quality and safety is highlighted throughout the entire project all the while framing it with a stainless steel “U Channel”. Glass partitioning is ideal for your commercial properties and residential homes if you want to integrate a sense of bright and openness in the place of abode.


We offer complete shop front partitioning solutions by using glass and aluminium as materials with a sophisticated touch to attract your customers. For a cost effective solution best option would be Aluminium but best interactive can be obtained through Glass front partitioning.


Places such as theatres, recording studios need a complete soundproof environment to execute its procedures to perfection. For such environments our line of metal and timber sound proof partitioning solutions serves the best.


Suspended ceilings which also come in Metal are can be used for domestic and commercial type buildings, which is constructed using Gypsum board mineral fibre in aluminium rims. Suspended ceilings are also known to conceal naked piping, wiring and ductwork spread on your ceiling, which also can reduce the sound and thermal loss of the room.


Specifically Mineral Fibre ceiling can be applied in the areas where noise reduction, light reference, fire protection, sag resistance, durability performance may be required. Other than that this ceilings can be used in any projects that doesn’t utilize any special requirement.


Gypsum board is a panel made of gypsum plaster sandwiched between two thick sheets of paper. Gypsum Ceilings, which are fixed to a GT channel or an Aluminium framework, are used for its unique appearance as well as to conceal wiring and other electrical works.


Embellish your roof with Stripe Ceilings, which brings a combined beauty to your plain ceiling. Stripe Ceilings can be applied to Petrol sheds, Airports, hospitals etc…


This is perfect if you love a quieter environment. Since this type of ceilings is perforated it helps to reduce noise within and allows a quieter environment. Since it can be coloured to match the walls, it will elevate the charm of the building space.