Industrial Designs

Industrial Designs requires a different approach. The concept is about raw and rough surfaces associated with an unfinished look. Therefore as interior concept designers for industries we have done the following projects that highlights on spacing, colour combinations, type of furniture and its presentable look.

We conceptualise your presence by maintaining uniformity in each and every detail of the project. Many interior designers execute wonderful themes and concepts but their unable to complete it, due to unavailability of accessories to match the theme agreed to.

Due to so many reasons such as;

  • Accessories that does not come with a customised size, design and colour option
  • Compatibility issues with the foreign manufactured items

Many of the interior projects conclude in one situation – an incomplete interior concept. That’s why we at J&C take the whole project to our hands. To meet the exact requirements of our customers we customise every miniature detail such as brackets, locks etc… to match the exact look and feel of the interior concept we have designed for our worthy clients.